YAC Member Profile: Sarah C.


Hey there! My name is Sarah and I am currently a Saskatoon resident. I am 23 years old and have always been around the topic of cancer. My family has a history of lung, colon and stomach cancer and since a young age I have been involved in conversations involving family members getting diagnosed. I decided to get involved with breast cancer specifically because as a young female I know how much we take our superficial health for granted. Continue reading


Campus Crew: Univeristy of Alberta


Who: Youth Advisory Council, University of Alberta

What: YAC, UofA was created with the hope of educating students about risk reduction and early detection in addition to providing breast health information. Throughout the year, we host various events and fundraisers, such as bake sales, Breast Health Week, and our annual Breast Cancer Symposium.

Where: All around the University of Alberta.

When: YAC, UofA has been a registered student group on campus since 2011! They continue to grow and expand their events and activities each academic year.

Why: The YAC, University of Alberta was formed because of the dedication of a group of individuals that work very hard to promote the awareness of breast cancer and breast health.

How: Get involved with YAC, UofA by contacting yac@cbcf.org!

Welcome to UNHOOKED: a youth advisory council blog

The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation is proud to introduce our brand spankin new Youth Advisory Council Blog! A place where youth from across the Prairies and Northwest Territories can discuss the issues of breast cancer and breast health from their perspective. We welcome all youth to submit posts in any format that they find appropriate. We accept prose, poetry, video, photography, visual art and anything else you can dream up – as long as it covers the topics of breast cancer, breast health or the importance of living a healthy lifestyle!

This is also a place for our Youth Advisory Council members and groups to post updates about their events, meetings and other activities. We hope that Youth Advisory Council members from all provinces and territories, although they might live far apart, will have the chance to interact with one another and share ideas.

If you’d like to learn more about how to become a Youth Advisory Council member or would like to submit a blog post, please contact amiller@cbcf.org.

Until next time,

Avery is the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Prairies/NWT Youth Strategy Coordinator. She works closely with Youth Advisory Council volunteers from across the region to assist them in youth-focused awareness and fundraising events and campaigns.