YAC Member Profile: Sarah C.


Hey there! My name is Sarah and I am currently a Saskatoon resident. I am 23 years old and have always been around the topic of cancer. My family has a history of lung, colon and stomach cancer and since a young age I have been involved in conversations involving family members getting diagnosed. I decided to get involved with breast cancer specifically because as a young female I know how much we take our superficial health for granted. As a university student and as a person heavily involved with sports I know I have put my body through a lot and because I am young I definitely feel like I can get away with more. The sad truth though is we simply cannot. We, as young females, need to take charge of our health now to increase chances for a better future later! Cancer is a very scary topic to talk about but it needs to be and as women breast cancer needs to be a discussion early in life.

I hope that through my chosen future career path as an oncology dietician I can help promote my patients and their family members to take better care of themselves. I want to be out in the community teaching people how to cook food properly to ensure they are getting all they can out of their food to have a healthier and happier body and to get through their therapy still feeling good.  For me health starts with food and I want to help create a future without cancer through my love of food!

Until next time,


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