Campus Crew: Univeristy of Lethbridge

UntitledWho: Youth Advisory Council, U of L

What: A group of dedicated students who are committed to educating the U of L student body about breast health and healthy living.

Where: The University of Lethbridge as well as various breast cancer fundraisers around town

When: Established in 2011, we meet monthly to discuss ways to increase YAC’s presence in the community.

Why: Each member has a different reason for becoming involved with YAC, whether we have had a family member diagnosed with breast cancer, or are just passionate about improving the health of our student population. We participate in YAC events to make a difference in the lives of our fellow students.

How: we host various informational booths on campus each month and collect donations for the CBCF. We participate in the Run for the Cure each year, and are involved in CBCF fundraisers for the Pronghorn’s soccer, hockey, and basketball teams.

Want to become a member of YAC, U of L? Email for more details on how to get involved!


Breast Cancer’s Six Degrees of Separation

Other than being able to creep your acquaintances’ photo’s, the appeal of social networking sites, like Facebook, is to visualize the six degrees of separation theory at an immediate level.  The first things to check when you meet someone new is which friends’ do you randomly have in common, how do you both know them, how have you not met before?

The concept of six degrees of separation can also be applied to the network of people impacted by Breast Cancer.  So starting with me:
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Bonbons for Boobs


Got a sweet tooth? What is your favourite candy? Jolly Ranchers? Mike & Ike’s? Swedish Berries? Too many favourites? Well, that’s okay. I love candy, too!

Youth Advisory Council, UofA had a candy sale in the Chemistry building on November 13, and it was pretty sweet! =P Sorry for the terrible pun, but I thought it was fitting. 😉 Continue reading

Detox Your Makeup Bag


For many of us, putting on makeup is part of our everyday routine. We reach deep into our bottomless makeup bag trying to find our go-to mascara, foundation and lip gloss. We don’t think twice about powdering our noses, but did you know that some of your favourite cosmetics might contain harmful chemicals that can increase your risk of breast cancer?
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YAC Member Profile: Nerissa

nerissaHey, my name is Nerissa and I’m 16 years old. I live in Calgary and go to school at Western.
I remember as a kid, being around my mom’s colleagues and one of the ladies, being particularly kind to me and always handing me candy, stood out to me as someone worth knowing. As I grew older, she started to treat me as a peer and never without respect, which in turn made me have huge amounts of respect for her. She wasn’t ever referred to as “my mom’s friend” after that. She was my friend. Being diagnosed with breast cancer was devastating to her, the shock of her life being upturned really threw her off her game. Continue reading

YAC at J Percy Page

IMG_3870[1]Youth Advisory Council was out in full force at this year’s J Percy Page Volunteer Fair.

We were excited to meet so many cool students looking for ways to get involved in their community. It was also the first time we tried out our brand new Prize Wheel!

The Prize Wheel was a Youth Advisory Council initiative, right from conception to completion! I am proud to announce that the Prize Wheel was a HUGE hit with all the students at J Percy Page. Great job YACers 🙂
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University of Alberta Wear Pink Day

Red. Orange. Yellow. Green. Blue. Violet. These are the colours of the rainbow. What is your favourite colour?

My favourite colour is pink.

Pink tends to make me think of fluffy cotton candy and unicorns, but this is not why pink is my favourite colour. Pink is my favourite colour because it represents support for breast cancer awareness as evident in the “pink ribbon”.
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