Eating Smart


We all love a quick trip to our favourite fast food joint, but did you know that the food you eat can affect your risk of developing breast cancer and other diseases? When you mow down on that delicious $5 value meal, you aren’t just eating a hamburger and french fries, you’re also munching on the chemicals and preservatives that are placed inside those foods to make them taste better and last longer. We already know that the calories in fast food can make us overweight but we also know that these foods can make us sick…really sick. So, next time your stomach reminds you that it’s time for lunch, just think PICKLS.

1. PREP TIME. Ask yourself, how long did it take to make this? If it took less than 5 minutes, it’s probably not worth your time. Don’t get us wrong, you can whip up some pretty great snacks in just a few minutes (stay tuned for some healthy & quick snack inspo coming soon) but if you’re ordering and eating your whole meal in 5 minutes, chances are your meal was pre-made and reheated. Do you know what it takes to keep your food tasting great after its been prepared, frozen and reheated? That’s right, chemicals and preservatives.

2. INGREDIENTS. This is an easy one! Just take a look at the label on any food packaging. If you have trouble pronouncing one or many of the ingredients, just go ahead and put it back. Healthy and nutritious food is made from simple and straight forward ingredients. You should be able to understand every ingredient that goes into your meal and into your body. Period.

3. COST. We know, it ain’t easy eating healthy on a budget. Packing your basket full of fresh fruits and veggies can really break the bank. Not to mention that a salad from your local fast food joint can end up costing you double what you would have paid for a burger. But let’s be honest, if you’re eating a cheap meal, it’s probably because the ingredients that went into it are poor and lacking nutritional value. Eat fresh food whenever you can and to cut costs, try to eat fruits and veggies that are in season. We love ourselves some tropical fruit salad but that pineapple from Thailand, in the middle of December, will always come with a hefty price tag.

researcher from the University of Washington

4. KICK THE CAN. Grabbing a can of soup might seem like an easy dinner, but did you know that the lining of some canned food may leach chemicals like BPA into your evening meal? Fresh market soups, fruits & vegetables are always the best choice, but if you can’t make it to the market or want something out of season, choose frozen over canned or look for brands that make BPA-free cans.

5. LOCAL. It might take some time to get used to this one, but it’s an important one. Ask yourself, where does my food come from? The fewer steps to get food from the farm to your mouth, the less chance that it has been chemically preserved or cross-contaminated. Plus, it’s great from the environment, for your local economy and it tastes better to boot!

6. SHARE. The very best food that you can eat, is food that you make yourself so why not invite your friends and family to enjoy it with you?! When you plan a meal yourself, you can also plan every single ingredient that goes in it. That means you can get a balanced meal that is healthy, tasty and free from any harmful ingredients that might affect your risk of breast cancer. Cooking for others is a great way to get motivated to make healthy & delicious meals. So skip the chicken nuggets, call a few friends over and try making dinner yourself tonight. You just might enjoy it!


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