YAC Member Profile: Nerissa

nerissaHey, my name is Nerissa and I’m 16 years old. I live in Calgary and go to school at Western.
I remember as a kid, being around my mom’s colleagues and one of the ladies, being particularly kind to me and always handing me candy, stood out to me as someone worth knowing. As I grew older, she started to treat me as a peer and never without respect, which in turn made me have huge amounts of respect for her. She wasn’t ever referred to as “my mom’s friend” after that. She was my friend. Being diagnosed with breast cancer was devastating to her, the shock of her life being upturned really threw her off her game. She had just settled into family life, marriage and children before all this happened and she had to fight, not knowing how it’d end, but finding strength and optimism when there seemed to be none. I helplessly watched as she lost her hair, wept about the stress, lost weight, all the while catering to her young daughter of 2 years. It broke my heart how I couldn’t help out. Joining this advisory council was my hand out to her and those like her.
To be able to make any difference is crucial, and this was a big step personally for me. In the future, breast cancer will be spoken of, only in past tense, like we do with dinosaurs, and MSN. The idea is that, we need to put breast cancer away and lock it up. In order to do so, we have to have initiative to make a difference and that’s what this advisory council aims to do!


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