Campus Crew: Univeristy of Lethbridge

UntitledWho: Youth Advisory Council, U of L

What: A group of dedicated students who are committed to educating the U of L student body about breast health and healthy living.

Where: The University of Lethbridge as well as various breast cancer fundraisers around town

When: Established in 2011, we meet monthly to discuss ways to increase YAC’s presence in the community.

Why: Each member has a different reason for becoming involved with YAC, whether we have had a family member diagnosed with breast cancer, or are just passionate about improving the health of our student population. We participate in YAC events to make a difference in the lives of our fellow students.

How: we host various informational booths on campus each month and collect donations for the CBCF. We participate in the Run for the Cure each year, and are involved in CBCF fundraisers for the Pronghorn’s soccer, hockey, and basketball teams.

Want to become a member of YAC, U of L? Email for more details on how to get involved!


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