Shop Smart & Pink This Holiday Season


With the Holidays around the corner, everyone is busy tracking down the perfect gifts for their friends and family. Gifts that support a charitable organization are always a nice touch, but be sure to review the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s “Five Questions You Should Ask” to learn whether a program is one you can feel good about supporting.

  1. Is this company committed? Read the product packaging and promotional materials or display and visit the company’s web site to make sure the company is credible and committed to the cause.
  2. How is the program structured? Transparency is key. Is the contribution amount or the percentage of the retail price clearly stated? Whenever possible, the Foundation seeks to receive a minimum of 10% of the retail price as a contribution. Usually, there is a minimum contribution guaranteed by the company. What is the amount? Is there a maximum contribution? If so, is it significant?
  3. Who does the program benefit? Does it support a well-managed, reputable non-profit organization? Refer to the organization’s website. For example, the Foundation website ( makes it clear who we are, how we structures programs, and how funds are used.
  4. How will the organization that benefits use my money? It should be clear where funds go. What organization will they support? Will the dollars generated go to research, education, community programs, or all of the above? The Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation allocates funds to relevant research that will positively impact early diagnosis, effect change in the area of treatment protocols, and improve the quality of life for those living with breast cancer.
  5. Is the program meaningful to me? Is the program supporting a cause you believe in or have been touched by? Based on the details of the program and the potential for dollars to be raised, does the program make sense to you? Selecting the right program is a personal choice based on your interests, your passions, and a cause that is important to you.

Happy shopping! Have a happy holiday season with your loved ones.


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