YAC Member Profile: Shirley


My name is Shirley and I am eighteen years old. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where my nineteen-year-old sister, Carmen, and I attend the University of Manitoba. Volunteering is one of many activities that we like to do together. We’ve been a part of the Children’s Wish Foundation, The Manitoba Museum, and we also help student teach at the Institution of Chinese Language, Culture, and Arts. We’re constantly looking for new volunteering opportunities. While walking around school one day, we came across an advertisement about how the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation wants to create a Youth Advisory Council right here on campus and we signed up immediately. The CBCF was a foundation that I often hear of but didn’t really know much about, so I was really excited to get involved. The idea of working with people around my age sounded really fun too. Though I haven’t been affected by breast cancer, I know of family friends and many other people who have been captured by Cancer’s embrace, be it breast cancer or any other form of cancer. I have suffered through feelings of helplessness and I understand the frustration from knowing how cancer can so ruthlessly take away the life of any person it wishes, even the kindest and sweetest among our loved ones.

Though I know that we may not have the power to eliminate all types of cancer in this world, I hope to start making a small difference with the help of CBCF by educating myself more about breast cancer. I wish to use my time and dedication to help contribute to the battle against this disease within my community, and I hope to relay my knowledge to the others around me so we can all fight together. With this knowledge and experience, I hope we can soon achieve the ultimate goal outlined by CFBF’s mission statement: “to create a future without breast cancer”, one event at a time.

Want to join Shirley and other youth across the Pairies/NWT’s in their goal to spread the word about breast health and breast cancer? Become a Youth Advisory Council member today. Just email yac@cbcf.org to learn more.


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