“Not only a disease of abnormal cells but also of communities that we create and live in”

ecology of breast cancer

Breast cancer is so much more than abnormal cells in our bodies. Join Dr. Ted Schettler in a free webinar hosted by Breast Cancer Action and learn more about the eco-social impact on our breast health.

Dr. Ted Schettler, author of the new (and free) book, The Ecology of Breast Cancer: The Promise of Prevention and the Hope for Healing, argues that breast cancer is not just a public health issue but also a social justice issue. Schettler recognizes the complexity of the breast cancer epidemic and believes that we cannot simply understand the disease from a medical perspective. He writes: “We will undoubtedly be more successful at preventing the disease and promoting healing if we approach it through multi-level interventions. Individuals cannot do this alone. Opportunities and responsibilities lie within the range of activities of a large number of social, political, and professional organizations and institutions.”

On Tuesday, February 11th 2pm-3pm MST and Wednesday February 19th 11am-12pm MST join Dr. Ted Schettler as he discusses the importance of family, community and societal experiences in shaping our breast health.


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