Dress, Breasts…the Best!


The broadest and maybe the most meaningful definition of volunteering: Doing more than you have to because you want to, in a cause you consider good. – Ivan Scheier

When I imagine a future without breast cancer, I imagine a world where women are empowered to take control of their own lives – a world where women thrive in work and life.

I recently started volunteering at my local chapter of Dress for Success (DFS), an international not-for-profit organization whose mission is to promote the independence of women by providing them with professional attire, a network of support and career development tools. The values central to DFS – empowerment, compassion, and inspiration – echo those of the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation. Both organizations have a similar vision: to improve the lives of women, forever.

I initially wanted to get involved with this organization because I liked the idea of women helping women feel good about themselves, inside and out. Helping women look good and feel good, that’s a great way to encourage healthy lifestyle choices and to lead to a future without breast cancer!

Volunteering with DFS has turned out to be an incredibly rewarding experience, as we see women transform in front of our eyes and walk out with the confidence to take on new challenges and live better. Not only is it a lot of fun (hello, shopping!), but volunteering always gives me that warm, fuzzy feeling inside that I’ve done something good, contributed to something bigger than myself, and more importantly improved the lives of others.

So, keep on spreading the love! Every day, we’re one step closer to creating a future without breast cancer.


Léa is a Youth Advisory Council Member in Regina, SK.


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