Channel That Olympic Spirit to Reduce Your Risk

There is plenty of buzz about the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi this week. Everyone seems to be tuned in to cheer on athletes from around the world. Why not take a little bit of that Olympic spirit and put it towards improving your health and reducing your risk? Getting your 30 minutes a day doesn’t mean you have to make a daily appearance at the gym, why not channel some of that Olympic energy and try out some winter sports yourself!

Cross Country Skiing If you have never had the pleasure of trying cross country skiing, it’s time you gave it a shot. In addition to enjoying some quality time in the great outdoors, cross country skiing is a high-caliber cardio workout that will whip you into shape. Visit your local ski club or ski shop to learn more about how to get started.

Tobogganing You might not be able to hop on a bobsled or hit the luge, but you can get some exercise while tobogganing at a local hill. Flying down the hill will give you a rush, and climbing back up will help reduce your risk. This is a great one to do with friends or family.

Curling Bet you never thought to try this one! Curling combines fun and exercise for people of all ages. The game is a mix of strength (in sweeping) and flexibility (in sliding delivery) and of course, strategy. Visit your local curling club to learn more.

Hockey If you are Canadian, it’s likely that at some point in your lifetime, you’ve played hockey. This game is well suited for the cold weather and perfect to be played on outdoor rinks. Hockey is a fast, fun and great exercise. So dust off your stick, grab a group of friends and score one for team Canada!

Skating If competition isn’t really your thing, skating is another great option to get some use out of your local outdoor rink. Skating at a moderate speed (it’s always important to get your heart rate up) for just a half an hour can help you reduce your risk of breast cancer.


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