Katie tries #OneNewThing

Katie Zumba

When we hear the word exercise, it often conjures images of treadmills, the elliptical, complicated weight machines and expensive gym membership bills. Youth Advisory Council knows that not everyone enjoys a daily trip to the gym and that is why we are always looking for new ways to get our 30 minutes a day. Last month, YAC, Edmonton member Katie, tried out a new, upbeat way to reduce her risk.

Instead of her usual team-based activities, Katie decided to step out of her comfort zone and try something a little different. For Katie, trying #OneNewThing is about challenging yourself to be healthy and having fun at the same time. Even though Katie doesn’t fancy herself much of a dancer, when she came across a Zumba class at ETown Salsa Dance Studio in her community, she though, “Well, why not!”

Created back in the 1990s by a Colombian dancer, Zumba combines music, various forms of dance and aerobics into one killer workout. According to Zumba Fitness, 14,000,000 people in 185 different countries around the work take part in Zumba classes. This fun, group exercise can be found in various gyms and fitness facilities across the Prairies. Classes are usually about one hour long and taught by certified instructors, trained at the the Zumba Academy. Not only will you get to enjoy dancing along to some great Latin music, you could also burn around 500-800 calories in just one hour! Now that’s what we call a workout!

When asked how Katie felt about her first Zumba experience, she replied,” I really enjoyed it. It was a great work out and I think it will be even more fun when I can remember all the steps.” Katie admits she has trouble keeping up with some of the more experience Zumba practitioners. “I am so not a dancer! But the music is just so awesome; it just makes you want to move!” You know it, sista!


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