The Last Fitness Challenge

We have many members across the region who are proud to say they keep fit and work hard to live a healthy lifestyle. A 30-day squat challenge ain’t nothing for these folks, so we went on the search for a fitness challenge that would put them to the test. We came up this this…

Tough Mudder is a, quite literally, INSANE endurance event series which was developed by the British Special Forces to test mental and physical strength. The event is a 16-19 km course featuring a variety of obstacles along the way, which have been developed based on common fears. Just a few noteworthy obstacles include the Arctic Enema, where participants run through into a pit of waist high ice water; Electorshock Therapy, where you must run through a mud pit with hanging live wires. Yes, you heard right, live wires; and Walk the Plank, a 15 foot high plank that leads you right in to some freezing cold water.

The website claims that only 75% of participants actually finish the course (ya, we believe that) and those who do train very hard to do so. This event is definitely not recommended for everyone, but if you want to take on the challenge, be sure to consult your health care provider and a certified trainer.

Even if you’re not quite up to the challenge (hey, we don’t blame ya), Tough Mudder has downloadable bootcamp workouts for people of all fitness levels. If you are looking to shake up your routine, get stronger and more active, these workouts are a great alternative to treadmills and weigh machines.


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