National Volunteer Week


National Volunteer Week is about thanking our volunteers and recognizing the work they do. Volunteer Canada has started a national conversation about volunteerism by setting up a Volunt-Hear Hotline, where Canadians can call in to record an impact statement and acknowledge volunteerism in their community.  You can here the recordings on their Soundcloud page. Scroll through the recordings to find a special thank-you to Youth Advisory Council! This National Volunteer week, we asked some Youth Advisory Council members why they volunteer:

“Volunteering with Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Youth Advisory Council is important to me because I’m helping to make a change. I don’t do big things but the amount I do I know is going towards making a major difference not only in my community but in others as well. I think it’s really important for other youth to volunteer with the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation because many have been affected by breast cancer and the more youth that get educated with topics such as this one, the greater the change can be.” – April Reyes, MB

“Volunteering for Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is important to me and it should be important to others because, in the long run, I can proudly say that I saved the life of an individual through the transfer of rippling knowledge. I don’t need any recognition, because chances are I won’t be recognized. I volunteer for my own personal satisfaction, since I believe that I can make a positive impact in someone’s life and that they will pay it forward. By volunteering at CBCF, we are standing in alliance with an organization that is founded on fighting cancer; fighting for life. I like to think that we are all soldiers. We may be on different levels on the battlefield, but we all have the same mission: to conquer cancer, which is indiscriminate. Volunteer to spread knowledge, to give back life, and for your own satisfaction. You may never know, but you could be somebody’s hero.” – Ayesha Ali, SK



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