Reduce Your Risk: May Long Edition


Spring is finally here and we are looking forward to ringing in the new season with a May long weekend of beautiful weather (hopefully). Whether or not the weather is favorable, we are still going to spend our weekend getting active and reducing our risk of breast cancer. Here are some ways we are getting active this weekend:

Hiking Improve your cardiovascular health and muscular fitness by enjoying the great outdoors this weekend! You don’t have to be in the mountains to enjoy a good hike, just do a simple internet search of your community and “hiking trails” and you should find some good places to take a walk. Don’t forget to wear suncreen, a hat and bring a water bottle with you.

Cycling Maybe you didn’t get to book that trip out of town this weekend but you can still discover new places in your own city. Grab a friend and your bicycles and go exploring. It’s best to research designated biking roads and trails before you go. If you keep your eyes open you are bound to discover some cool new places you didn’t know about before. An hour long bike ride will help you improve your cardiovascular health, build muscle and burn calories.

Rock Climbing If the weather disappoints, you can always hit up a local rock climbing gym. Rock climbing is surprisingly great for your health as you require lots of strength and energy to pull yourself up that wall. Don’t worry though, you’ll be strapped in so you can’t fall! There is no doubt you will have many laughs learning this new way to reduce your risk!

Tennis The sun is out and the courts are open! Tennis is considered a low-impact sport which means it’s great for any age and fitness level. Don’t be fooled though, tennis a great cardio workout and it will help you improve your flexibility and coordination.

Rollerblading Another fantastic cardio workout, rollerblading is a great way to enjoy a sunny spring day. The repetitive motion of skating is a great workout for your lower body, and it also encourages your brain to be active and present. Don’t forget to wear a helmet and protective gear! Rollerblading can be a calming activity, but if you hit the pavement (we’ve all been there) you’ll be happy you took the extra precaution.


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