Our Inspiration: Nalie Agustin

Image source: http://www.nalie.ca/

Funny girl, warrior princess, dancing queen, blogger extraordinaire – Natalie Agustin (she prefers her nickname, Nalie) is one amazing young woman. A 20-something girl just out of university, Nalie was looking forward to embarking on a new life adventure. But that’s when Nalie got the news. She had stage 2B breast cancer.

In 2012, Nalie felt some lumps in her breast while taking a shower. Her doctor’s positive, nonchalant attitude led Nalie to believe that they were likely just cysts. Although she had the paperwork ready, Nalie waited until June 2013 to get her ultrasound. That’s when she found out that those little lumps where actually breast cancer.

The ultrasound revealed three tumors, two in her left breast and one in her lymph node. She found out soon that her cancer was Estrogen and Progesterone positive and HER2 and BRCA1 negative. A treatment plan was underway very quickly. Nalie was scheduled for chemotherapy, a full mastectomy of her left breast, followed by radiation.

Nalie was set to face the toughest and most difficult journey of her life but rather than fear the worst, Nalie took to the web to share her story, find support and provide support to others.

Nalie’s blog is an honest and candid diary of her experience with breast cancer. The blog is easy to read, with Nalie’s quick wit and sprinkling of humor making it feel like you might as well have known her all your life.

Nalie’s bravery and all around awesomeness is why Youth Advisory Council find her to be one of our greatest inspirations to continue doing the work that we do. We know that it’s important that women (and men, for that matter) of all ages are aware of the importance of risk reduction and early detection when it comes to breast cancer.

We often hear that “breast cancer is an older women’s disease.” We think Nalie’s story proves that this is just not the case. There is much more work to be done educating youth about breast cancer and Youth Advisory Council is ready to take on the task.

Thank you Nalie for inspiring us to keep on spreading the word!



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