NEW Youth Advisory Council in Saskatoon


Youth Advisory Council continues to grow across the prairies! We are super happy to announce a brand new chapter has been founded in the beautiful city of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan!

Thanks to Ayesha, a dedicated and ambitious young Saskatoonite, Youth Advisory Council Saskatoon will be the very first YAC group in Saskatchewan. The group is currently looking for youth ages 14-24 who live in and around the Saskatoon community, to join them in the movement to make breast health a priority for youth.

It’s a great time to join YAC Sask since there will be lots of opportunities to build your leadership skills and have your voice heard on the direction of the group, future events and activities that the group will take on.

Become a founding member of YAC Saskatoon by sending an email to!

Do you live in a city without a YAC group? Want to be a YAC leader by starting a group in your city or school? Email to learn how you can be a part of a future without breast cancer!


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