CBCF Funded Researcher Gains New Perpectives When Her Friend is Diagonsed with Breast Cancer


As part of the 2013/2014 Postdoctoral Fellowship Grant Program, the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation – Prairies/NWT was pleased to fund the research of Dr. Ray Amith of the University of Alberta, who is dedicated to finding better ways to treat breast cancer. This past winter, her work hit a little too close to home.

When a close family friend, a “second mom” as Dr. Amith describes her, was diagnosed with beast cancer. Dr. Amith’s eyes were opened to who a whole new perspective on her work. She admits that hearing of her friend’s diagnosis has made her work feel much more worthwhile

Since 2012, Dr. Amith has been working in Dr. Larry Fliegel’s lab in the Department of Biochemistry, researching specific protein’s effect on triggering metastatic behavior in breast cancer cells.

Dr. Amith and Dr. Fliegel hope to begin publishing their findings over the next few months. Head to the UAlberta website to learn more about their research.


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