YAC Member Profile: Harkirat

Picture Harkirat

Francis Bacon, the great English philosopher has rightly said, “A healthy body is a guest-chamber for the soul; a sick body is a prison.”

It is health which is the most important to any person, the one who is hale and hearty can see the brightness of today and hope for it to be there tomorrow. The ones who are sadly unwell, are unable to find their way in the darkness of their sickness and end up giving hope.

My name is Harkirat Bhullar and I am thirteen. I really believe in the ideology that health is wealth. So, when I find that every 1 women out of 9 is diagnosed with breast cancer, which many people don’t survive, I doubt myself if I am being responsible towards my community.

If I can make a difference, I should. That is the reason that, today I stand as a part of the Youth Advisory Council of CBCF in Saskatoon and hope to bring a great change in the lives of the people of my community. My motive of joining YAC Saskatoon is to spread awareness about how bad cancer can be and how can it prevented, help create a healthy, breast cancer educated and cancer free Saskatoon.

With YAC giving me an opportunity to work on my goal effectively, I feel proud to be a member of it. I have seen many of my grandmother’s friends diagnosed with breast cancer but how hard it seems to even think, it is a lot harder than to go through it.

So, before it even comes to any of us, we must be cautious enough to never let it reach us. With determination and hard work, I will try to put in my best to make the mission behind the inception of this council as successful as possible.

Harkirat is a Youth Advisory Council Member and a guest blogger on Unhooked.


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