CBCF Funded Researcher Targets Enzyme to Slow Tumor Growth


After a decade of research, Dr. David Brindley and a team of researchers from the University of Alberta have identified a potential new way to treat breast and thyroid cancer.

Brindley and his team have identified the success of inhibiting the activity of an enzyme called autotaxin in those with cancer. Autotaxin is a healthy response to inflammation in the body, as it increases the production of a molecule called lysophosphatidic acid which tells the body to repair wounds and regenerate tissue. In cancer patients, however, the release of autotaxin indicates to tumours that they need to protect themselves and begin to grow and spread.

Recent trials have shown the inhibiting the activity of autotaxin decreases early tumour growth in the breast by up to 70 per cent. It also cuts the spread of the tumour to other parts of the body (metastasis) by a similar margin.

Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation Prairies/NWT is proud to fund Dr. Brindley and his team as they work towards creating a future without breast cancer. Human trials to investigate how this discovery will affect people with cancer will begin early in the New Year.

Read more about this and other CBCF funded projects here.


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