YAC Saskatoon Cooks up a Great First Fundraiser


This March 17, Saskatoon was shining pink, as the city enjoyed delicious baked-goods while creating a milestone for the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation’s Youth Advisory Council- Saskatoon. Continue reading


Going “No Poo” For Your Breast Health

Image credit: http://theartofsimple.net/how-i-keep-my-natural-beauty-routine-sane/

It’s becoming common knowledge that many of the most popular beauty products, soaps and cosmetics that are available for purchase at your local grocery store and drug store are chalk full of chemicals and cancer-causing carcinogens. Continue reading

Campus Crew: Univeristy of Alberta


Who: Youth Advisory Council, University of Alberta

What: YAC, UofA was created with the hope of educating students about risk reduction and early detection in addition to providing breast health information. Throughout the year, we host various events and fundraisers, such as bake sales, Breast Health Week, and our annual Breast Cancer Symposium.

Where: All around the University of Alberta.

When: YAC, UofA has been a registered student group on campus since 2011! They continue to grow and expand their events and activities each academic year.

Why: The YAC, University of Alberta was formed because of the dedication of a group of individuals that work very hard to promote the awareness of breast cancer and breast health.

How: Get involved with YAC, UofA by contacting yac@cbcf.org!